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ConsenSys Design

Director of Design Thinking and Strategy

My mission at ConsenSys is to introduce design thinking as the default way our venture teams engage with users and clients to create incredible product, service, and consulting experience.

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My Role:

I help our internal teams use design thinking to create better processes and outcomes to serve the wider ConsenSys community.

I lead a team of facilitators that I recruited to work with projects across the company.


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Frustrated with seeking unanimous agreement?

Learn more about self-governance.

Trust Fruit

The true story about the origins of blockchain.

Hiring design facilitators

Design Thinking Learning Journey

IBM Design

Hybrid Cloud - Design Facilitator

I worked with engineers, designers, and product managers across the Hybrid Cloud organization to develop software products that wow our customers.


My Role:

I facilitated multi-disciplinary teams across all phases of the design thinking framework - upfront and ongoing research, in-person and remote workshops with internal stakeholders to reflect on progress, and testing ideas and hypotheses with Sponsor Users. .

I brought design thinking into the broader IBM organization through education-focused workshops.

I collaborated with external partners (SAP and UCSD) to create an executive education program aimed at Design Leaders.  


Select Work:

Facilitator Unconference 2017 with Design at Business

Discussing the impact of design on business.

Prototyping IBM Design Thinking Method Cards

Build Experiences not Features

Connecting Design Thinking to Agile Sprints.


University of Oklahoma 

Sooner Launch Pad - Entrepreneur-in-Residence

I created a ten week business accelerator program for college students in partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Oklahoma.


The accelerator propelled students teams with business ideas into new ventures. Teams received mentoring, training, dinners and workspace for the summer program. The program culminated in a Demo Day, where the student teams pitched to the local community and investors.


Select Work:

Videos from the OU Accelerator: Lessons Learned and Demo Day

The pre-commitment mechanism for accountability in Lean Startup

MVP examples from the real world


General Assembly

I designed and taught a class called Start Making, a lean startup course for large enterprises.


My Role:

I created a hands-on training experience where Fortune 50 executives practiced using lean startup tools to build prototypes to learn about the business viability of different ideas.

I focused on the types of conversations senior leadership would need to have with internal innovators to effectively promote a test and learn culture.


Select Work: 

The Call for Design Thinking Facilitators

Getting groovy with “Lean Startup”

Six excellent Design Thinking workshops