Hi, my name is Eric

Welcome to my world of design thinking and innovation

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Reflecting on Recent Work


Six excellent Design Thinking workshops

The most common types of workshops I use.


Build Experiences not Features

Connecting Design Thinking to Agile Sprints.


Facilitator Unconference

with Design at Business

Discussing the impact of design on business.


Where am I working now?


My Work at ConsenSys


Frustrated with seeking unanimous agreement?

Learn more about self-governance.


Trust Fruit

The true story about the origins of blockchain.


me Convention

Testing wild ideas using design thinking and the blockchain.


Who I am

I am a facilitator and a design strategist. My focus is to drive innovation by understanding users.

Effective facilitation involves using processes and tools to maximize the collective intelligence of individuals in a group to determine the right course of action and to then build a template for acting on the choices they make.
— Jeffrey Cufaude

How I work

Read some of my books to find out what methods I follow in my work.


The first is to give business owners an overview of their digital marketing possibilities. We will help you decide where you can best spend your marketing efforts.

The second is to make sure you walk away with two or three excellent ideas you can put into action the next day.

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This book explores the lessons learned from these startups and empowers anyone with a business idea to gain traction and to find paying customers. It includes weekly journal entries written by the startups explaining what their hypotheses were, the exact tests they ran to validate their ideas, and the results of their experiments.

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